1310658209_598__5Previous disposal methodologies for ammunition like dumping at sea or open burning and detonation were primitive and environmentally undesirable. Spreewerk Luebben GmbH's disposal/demilitarization capabilities coupled with our cost saving recycling processes are given high priority. More than of 97 % of all incoming components and materials, including explosives and propellants, are recovered and recycled for the civil market.
The environmentally friendly processes minimize all emissions into the environment and meet all European and international standards. Spreewerk Luebben GmbH employs multiple technologies and all necessary processes, equipment and highly skilled staff for the safe dismantling, explosive removal and recycling (or disposal) of all conventional munitions and other components handled by us.

1310658208_6259__5In the current climate of economic constraints placed on military procurement departments, the transfer of technology approach has become the most favoured option for military customers globally. Whether this is to set up an in-house capability, managed by the customer or for key design, equipment or consulting input, ISL's ability to provide solutions is only restricted by our customers' requirements.

1310658208_0849__5Traditionally a customer has frequently been obliged to procure or purchase post design services as part of a package from a manufacturer however, ISL is able to offer a similar independent and impartial service directly to the customer without the obligations placed on the original equipment manufacturer..

1310658207_1364__5As breakthroughs in technology are a near weekly event, it is often desirable and also highly cost effective to modify and adapt existing munitions to embrace these technological advances. For example, the conversion of artillery munitions to incorporate 'smart' technology and the re-engineering of the MRLS to guided MRLS are considered to be quantum leaps in the dominance of the battlefield.

1310658206_6127__5Spreewerk can provide consulting and management services, stockpile audits, management and policy appraisals, implementation of munitions asset management programmes and change management programmes. The reports, implementation of change management programmes all help to ensure improved efficiency in theatre, stock control and cost savings are achieved. We have been at the forefront of the creation of centres of excellence and the establishment of training and education facilities specialising in munitions management.

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