Have a look at the long history of the traditional industrial site of the Spreewerk.


History of the Spreewerk in overview

Spreewerk Lübben GmbH can look back on a long history as an industrial site. Ammunition was initially produced on the site near Lübben and later recycled and dismantled in an environmentally compliant manner using modern methods. Today, the company is developing into a competence center for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

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Founding of the company

Spreewerk Lübben GmbH was founded in mid-1957 as VEB Spreewerk Lübben and newly established. At times, up to 800 employees worked at the Spreewerk.


Assignment to VEB Kombinat Spezialtechnik Dresden

At the beginning of 1979, the company was assigned to the former VEB Kombinat Spezialtechnik Dresden. The company produced rifle ammunition on the basis of a Polish license.


Change in the business model

In connection with the discontinuation of all state arms orders and due to the embargo laws in force after reunification, the production of rifle ammunition was completely discontinued at the end of 1990.

As new ammunition could only be produced in the western states of Germany, Spreewerk had to change its business model. Instead of producing new ammunition, it now dismantled and recycled ammunition.


Takeover of the Spezialtechnik Group by General Atomics

In 1992, the Spezialtechnik Group was acquired by General Atomics. The acquisition provided the American group with extensive know-how in the field of demilitarization and the environmentally friendly disposal of residual materials.


Laying of the foundation stone for the recycling plant

At Spreewerk Lübben GmbH, the foundation stone is laid for the world's first thermal recycling plant for explosives and ammunition in accordance with the requirements of the 17th BImSchV. It is successfully put into operation in 1995.


Start of operation

The new ammunition recycling plant at Spreewerk Lübben GmbH is put into operation after almost two years of construction.


Subsidiary in Croatia

In connection with the expansion of business activities in countries where the disposal of ammunition was carried out exclusively in their own country for economic policy reasons, Spreewerk Lübben GmbH founded a demilitarization company in Croatia, ISL Spreewerk d.o.o. (ISK), in 2007, which commenced its intended operational activities in 2010.



Industriepark Spreewerk Lübben GmbH is renamed to Spreewerk Lübben GmbH.